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We are a committed and capable research partner with expertise in all aspects of climate change mitigation and adaptation.
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We connect research expertise and innovative thinking to develop solutions together with politics, business, and civil society.
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We engage in integrated research on society, technology, nature, and urban and rural spaces.
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The Climate Change Center Berlin Brandenburg envisions itself as a transdisciplinary center for research and knowledge transfer. Together with representatives from politics, business, and civil society, we are working to deliver the climate targets defined in the Paris Agreement.

Rethinking climate research—with knowledge transfer and a change of perspective

Human health, biodiversity and natural resources like soil, water and air are global public goods that must be fundamentally safeguarded. The risks of exceeding planetary boundaries have already been explored by science for decades. But we still lack the comprehensive research and innovation needed to develop and provide systematic solutions that protect our planet and answer the challenges faced by our global society. The Climate Change Center will play a key role in addressing this gap.

Current projects

The model region Berlin-Brandenburg

Current climatic changes are creating complex challenges for both urban and rural regions. Weather extremes like heatwaves, droughts and heavy rain are already occurring more frequently in Berlin and Brandenburg and leaving their mark on the region. The coal exit and the structural change this has brought about in Lusatia (the coal region south of Berlin) represent a major undertaking for the wider region. What specific measures can be delivered in the near future to shape climate change mitigation and adaption in the region ecologically, socially, and economically?

Who & What

The research and science scene in Berlin and Brandenburg is ideally positioned to embark on a systematic interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary analysis of climate change.
In CCC, the Climate Change Center, a joint initiative has now emerged to mobilize the vast knowledge and wide-ranging solution-oriented expertise of participating institutions.


The Climate Change Center pursues an integrated and solution-oriented approach to transformation research with innovation as the central cross-cutting theme.

The four major competence fields —Society, Technology, Nature, Urban and Rural— serve to combine the research expertise of the participating institutions effectively. Researchers in Berlin and Brandenburg have developed a solutions triangle in a multi-step collaborative process to facilitate future interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research.

For further information please click on the respective solution field.


You, too, can become part of our network and support our initiative for advancing climate solutions in every sphere. Benefit from the advantages open to our supporters and the chance to network with leading research institutions and climate actors in the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region. Let us shape the future together!

Ambitious climate policy

Governments around the world are severely challenged by the growing climate crisis. Together, we can be a powerful voice advocating for an ambitious implementation of the European Green Deal, robust policy decisions, an inclusive society and a crisis-proof economy.

Innovation and strategic foresight 

Comprehensive climate solutions that will already make an impact in the 2020s can only be developed and realized in close partnership between research, politics, business, and civil society. You can make an active contribution to this transformative process and foster innovation and future-oriented research.

Up-and-coming talent and first-class minds

Climate change is an existential global challenge that can only be tackled with the help of the best minds. We foster the development of current and future generations of climate experts embedded in networks and trained to bridge boundaries between research fields and disciplines.

Support our work!

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Enterprise sponsors, foundations and individual donors

Endowed professorships
Endowed professorships funded for a time-limited period can establish and extend new research fields in solution-oriented climate research in Berlin and Brandenburg in a highly targeted fashion.

Project funding and transfer funding
Project and transfer funding can be used to support research groups flexibly, for example by funding necessary equipment or funding positions for research staff or visiting researchers.

Upskilling and sabbaticals
Sabbaticals foster permeability between research, business, politics, and civil society. Funding for visiting professors and visiting lecturers makes it possible for staff from enterprises to participate directly in the work carried out by CCC.

Research institutions

Joint appointments
Non-university research institutions can avail of the opportunity to fill a professorship in a climate research topic that involves research and teaching at CCC while also being linked to a position at the non-university partner institution.

Fostering young talent collaboratively
Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary training in the CCC solution areas will be provided to students, doctoral researchers, and postdocs at CCC and they will gain the competences they need to undertake tasks in application-oriented climate research.

Joint labs
Joint labs allow core facilities to be shared. Using joint labs to investigate resource-intensive research topics can create bridges between research and teaching at CCC and partner institutions.

Funding mechanisms

Funding is collected in the form of donations. Donors can earmark donations for use in a specific project or by a specific chair or make general donations. These funds can be deployed flexibly to support research, but also networking beyond the academic context, research and science communication, and exchanges between research and society.

Einstein Foundation Berlin
It is envisaged that the establishment of the CCC will be supported by Einstein Foundation Berlin, which rewards cutting-edge research and individual dedication to science with its Einstein Centers funding format. Every privately donated euro will be matched by a donation of at least 50 cents from the Matching Funds of the State of Berlin. For more information,

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Berlin University Alliance
On 1 November 2019, Berlin University Alliance was launched as an Alliance of Excellence comprised of Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin and Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. It is supporting CCC in its initial phase with project funding, public relations work and marketing. For more information,

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Dr. Anita Dame
Managing director
Climate Change Center
+49 (0)30 314-22394

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Dr. Anita Dame
Managing director
T +49 (0)30 314-22394

Michael Wilmes
Head of strategic projects
T +49 (0)30 314-22131

Berit Petzsch
Project management
T +49 (0)30 314-73904